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Feis Commission

December 2020.



By now, you have heard that, after decades of registering Feiseanna for North America, the Irish Dance Teachers of North America (IDTANA) and An Coimisiún Le Rincí Gaelach (CLRG) felt the services of the North American Feis Commission (NAFC) were no longer needed.   The duties of registering a Feis, confirming available dates for Feiseanna, and making any changes to the overall Feis calendar will be done on a Regional basis through an IDTANA designated Regional Feis Registrar.

Over the years, the NAFC has worked diligently on behalf of each Feis.  The goal was to ensure that each Feis was treated fairly and had equal representation with the other bodies.  Many volunteer hours were put forth to guarantee date requests without infringement on other events, all the while being cognizant of providing opportunities for the dancers. 


In an effort to ease the transition, and, out of compassion for our Feis colleagues, the NAFC has sent to the IDTANA, through its current President, Russell Beaton, a copy of the 2020 calendar.  The list of those Feiseanna who have paid for 2020, but, due to COVID, were unable to have their event and wished to hold their date for 2021, was included.  It is the hope of the NAFC that the IDTANA honor this.  Please contact Russell for any information you may need concerning the calendar.  All funds sent to the NAFC for 2020 and 2021 have already been sent to the CLRG; any requests for refunds should be made directly to them. 


From all of us on the NAFC, please know it has been a pleasure serving as your advocate in the rapidly changing face of Irish Dancing.

Good luck,

The Board and Members of the NAFC

** Letter sent to CLRG and IDTANA **

October 31, 2020.


It is with sorrow and regret, that after 50 years of dedication to the fastidious registration of Feiseanna in North America, An Coimisiun with input from the IDTANA, has decided not to renew their partnership with the North American Feis Commission (NAFC). 


As of 10/31/2020, the IDTANA will be the conduit for registering your event. 


For those Feiseanna who have already registered and paid their fees, it is assumed your dates will be honored.  To assure this, please contact your IDTANA regional representative. 


All requests for New Feiseanna and date changes should also be made to your IDTANA regional rep.


Please know that the volunteers of the NAFC have worked tirelessly over the years on your behalf to ensure all dancers were given ample opportunities to compete.  This was accomplished by dealing with all Feis requests objectively and equally. 

It is our hope, that despite the tumultuous climate in North America and abroad due to COVID 19, our Irish Heritage, ever present in song, humor, sports and dance, continues to flourish.



The North American Feis Commission