Welcome to the

North American

Feis Commission!

Board of Directors:

Jeri Hagan, Chairperson

Ed Hansberry, Vice Chair, Hall of Fame

Francis Curley, An Coimisiun

Russell Beaton, IDTANA

Helen Gannon, Comhaltas

Board Member, NAFC Championships

Lori Seeman, Handbook/New Feis Liaison

Anne Gervin, Music Scholarships

Patrick ShortSyllabus Coordinator

Joan PreeceCeili Scholarships

John Glynn, Past President

Pat Dwyer, Past President

Mission Statement:

The North American Feis Commission (N.A.F.C.) is an organization of Feis Managers responsible for the organizing of Feiseanna in all of North America.

The primary role of the N.A.F.C. is the development and promotion of Irish Culture, through the medium of Irish Dance and music, as a principal component of the Irish identity.

To provide guidance for establishing and executing a multi-cultural event promoted to advance our Celtic heritage and attract participants and observers.

To promote Irish culture, its evolution, symbolism, appreciation and respect. To encourage study of Irish Culture in North America.

To maintain a close partnership and foster goodwill between An Coimisiun le Rinci Gaelacha and N.A.F.C..

The N.A.F.C. is a non-party political, anti sectarian and anti-racist organization. As such it will continue to value, and prosper from, the enormous voluntary efforts of its members.


Executive Board:

James Graven, President

Mary Kemock, Vice President

Jeanne Farrell, Vice President at Large

Cindy Schuler, Treasurer

Teresa Buck, Secretary

Donna Genthe, Registrar/Website

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