December 2020.

DEAR Russell and Francis,

Out of compassion for our Feis colleagues, our friends, attached you will find the 2020 Feis calendar. In addition, included is the list of those Feiseanna who have paid, but were unable to hold their events due  COVID, thus holding their dates for 2021.  It is the hope of the NAFC that these conditions will be honored.  

The NAFC does, however, have to express its disappointment in all that has transpired and the way things played out.  Attending multiple meetings where you both assured the NAFC of its worth and importance in the process, you can imagine the shock when Francis put forth the motion to not renew the Tripartite agreement, only to be seconded by Russell.  


Also during previous meetings, where the NAFC  suggested having  the Regions develop a calendar specific to its geographic area, reassurance was given multiple times that those Feiseanna not affiliated with a dance teacher would be acknowledged and treated fairly.  It seems, true to the spirit of the IDTANA and An Coimisiún, these were hollow promises.  It appears that the “new” feis registration forms developed in some regions, are requiring ALL Feiseanna in a particular region, be affiliated with a dance teacher.  Long-standing Feiseeanna, successfully run over decades by Irish organizations or volunteer parents, like Cleveland and Akron, will be impacted.  What happened to those reassurances?


For the sake of our friends and colleagues, running Feiseanna across North America, it is our hope that our legacy of objectivity and fair treatment for all, will be maintained.


Good luck,

The Members and the Board of the NAFC