Requirements for Registering Your Feis


An Buanchoiste of CLRG had to make a decision yesterday which affects the holding of feiseanna. Some members are looking to run what is called online feiseanna. I must inform you that the decision of the Buancoiste was that they do not approve of such and do not register any online feiseanna.

Therefore, following on from there teachers and adjudicators need to be reminded of the following rules:

  • 1.1 A dancer of a registered CLRG teacher may not compete in a non CLRG sanctioned event.

  • 3.1.2 A registered ADCRG may not adjudicate at a competition, which is not registered with An Coimisiún, except where An Coimisiún has given express permission for this to happen

  • 3.1.3  An ADCRG, SDCRG, TCRG, TMRF, a person granted Associate, Conditional or Temporary registration, a member of an Coimisiún or Regional Council, or a dancer of a registered teacher, may not compete in a non CLRG sponsored event or adjudicate, officiate, and give advice or guidance in any capacity to any other dancing organisation. This will include teacher and adjudicator exams, grade exams and workshops. A breach of this Rule will render a person liable to have their CLRG registration refused or revoked. 


Francis Curley SDCRG


An Coimisiún le Rincí Gaelacha

REGISTRATION:  New Feis, Existing Feis

Each Feis will submit a registration form, even if you are back to back.

Within 2 months of your existing Feis, you should register for the following year's feis to avoid a $100 late fee.

You may register prior to your feis occurring if you know the plans for the upcoming year, including approximate venue location.  

NEW Feis chairs must have a representative attend October Convention prior to hosting their feis.

If you have contact or venue changes after you've registered, please email  

The online Feis Registration form is here.

NOTE:  2021 is not yet available.  It will be out soon and you will be emailed. 

If you know that you'll have a date issue or have feis contact changes, please email me,


Please fill out the 2020 FEIS REPORT via the link below even if your feis was cancelled due to COVID.

This will catch us up so after your feis is completed in 2020 you will only have to submit for that year.  

There is no requirement to send it to your representative because they will have it although you may do that too.

The online Feis Report form is here.  


At this time the dancers who wish to participate in the NAFC Belt Championships will be verified upon registration.


Please see the Feis Registration Fee / Payment page for instructions on secure online payments via Paypal or Credit Card. 

Issues?  Contact


Prior to opening your feis for registration, you will need your regional approval.  Please see the Regional contact page for contacts. 

If you have trouble with responses you can contact the NAFC Syllabus Coordinator.

MUSICIANS: (2018 list)

A recent compilation of musicians.  A form is being created for musician that would like feis consideration.

Thank you for your attention.  


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