2020 NAFC Convention

ZOOM meeting:

October 17, 2020 at 10:00 am EST

AGENDA being created.

If you have specific topics, please email.

Regional Representatives please prepare your report by SEPT. 30 and email.

NOTE:  The NAFC Convention is not included in your 2020 Feis Registration but it is FREE!

Letter from the NAFC President:

Due to the Covid-19 Pandemic we will not host a Brick and Mortar Annual convention this year.

We will however host a Zoom meeting on October 17 from 10 AM -12 noon (Eastern time).

You can join the meeting by registering with via a form on this page.  (COMING SOON)

Note ;

1-  Each feis is permitted to have one representative participate in the meeting.

2- There will not be election of officers this year due to the pandemic and the policy of electing officers at a Brick and Mortar annual meeting. The current officers will remain in their respective positions till the next annual convention scheduled for the third weekend in October 2021 in Albany NY.

3 - You can register your feis for 2021.  This will be available on the Registration website soon.

4. Given the fact that our annual meeting is a 2 hour meeting, all reports will be uploaded to our web for review prior to the meeting.  A limited amount of time will be given for discussion of said reports 

5- The Agenda will be limited to main topics due to the length of the meeting.




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