Map of Regions
updated 11/5/13

MidAtlantic     http://www.caraschool.com/caradivision/feis-na-cara/     carafeis@gmail.com
The Sportsplex, 1331 O'Reilly Drive, Feasterville, PA  19053
Chairperson: Sue Brogan & Debbie Clifford   carafeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Sue Brogan   carafeis@gmail.com

1/19/2013        WISCONSIN WINTERFEIS    
MidAmerica     www.winterfeis.casheldennehy.org     casheldennehy@gmail.com
Crowne Plaza Milwaukee Airport, 6401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI  
Chairperson: Maura Heck TCRG   casheldennehy@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Maura Heck TCRG   casheldennehy@gmail.com

1/19/2013        PENDER KEADY ACADEMY FEIS    
New England     www.pender-keady.com     penderkeadyacademy@hotmail.com
Saxe Middle School, 468 South Avenue, New Canaan, CT  6840
Chairperson: Michelle Parry   penderkeadyacademy@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Sheila Keady   sbkeady@yahoo.com

1/19/2013        JOHN KENNELLY MEMORIAL FEIS    
Western US     www.whelan-kennelly.com     pkenn83589@aol.com
Woodlake Hotel, 500 Leisure Lane, Sacramento, CA  95815
Chairperson: Patricia Kennelly ADCRG   PKenn83589@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   info@feisworx.com

Southern US     www.mcteggart-la.org     bobvandenakker@aol.com
Hilton New Orleans Airport, 901 Airline Drive, Kenner, LA  70062
Chairperson: Bob Van Den Akker   bobvandenakker@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Bob Van Den Akker   bobvandenakker@aol.com

1/19/2013-1/20/2013        FEIS IN THE DESERT    
Western US     www.feisinthedesert.org     feisinthedesert.ellen@gmail.com
Crowne Plaza San Marcos Golf Resort, One San Marcos Place, Chandler, AZ  85225
Chairperson: Jacqueline Peterson   feisinthedesert.jackie@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jacqueline Peterson   feisinthedesert.jackie@gmail.com

1/20/2013        DAIRYLAND FEIS - NEW FEIS    
MidAmerica          clanrincenia@gmail.com
Crowne Plaza Hotel, 6401 South 13th Street, Milwaukee, WI  53221
Chairperson: Andy McKee and Shari Dunn   sharid.momof3@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Belle Holloway   belleholloway@yahoo.com

1/20/2013        FEIS NA BLIAN NUA    
MidAtlantic     kellyosterschool.com     
Westchester Marriott, 670 White Plains Rd, Tarrytown, NY  10591
Chairperson: Kerry Kelly Oster   tcrg1@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Jeanne Morgante   

1/25/2013-1/26/2013        COLORADO WINTERFEIS    
Western US     www.wickschool.com     melissa.farquhar@comcast.net
Douglas County Fairgrounds & Event Center, 500 Fairground Drive, Castle Rock, CO  80104
Chairperson: Melissa Farquhar   melissa.farquhar@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Melissa Farquhar   melissa.farquhar@comcast.net

1/26/2013-1/27/2013        HORGAN ACADEMY WINTER FEIS    
New England     www.angelfire.com/ct/horganacademy     horganacademy@yahoo.com
Heritage Hotel, 522 Heritage Rd, Southbury, CT  6488
Chairperson: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com

1/26/2013        KING O'SULLIVAN WINTER FEIS    
Southern US     www.kingosullivan.com     reelez@bellsouth.net
Marriott Evergreen Conference Resort, 4021 Lakeview Drive, Stone Mountain, GA  30083
Chairperson: Jacinta King O'Sullivan   reelez@bellsouth.net
Entry Secretary: Carmel Filberg   reelez@bellsouth.net

1/26/2013        O'DONNELL WINTER FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.odonnellirishdance.com     feisregistrar@odonnellirishdance.com
Markham Fairgrounds, 10801 McCowan Road, Markham, ONT  
Chairperson: Michael Woolgar   mwoolgar@hart-well.com
Entry Secretary: Kathleen O'Neill   feisregistrar@odonnellirishdance.com

2/1/2013-2/3/2013        MALL OF AMERICA FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.oidfeis.com     cormac@osheairishdance.com
The Great Room - Mall of America, 60 East Broadway, Bloomington, MN  55425
Chairperson: Cormac O'Se   cormac@osheairishdance.com
Entry Secretary: Nicole Peterson   entries@oidfeis.com

2/2/2013-2/3/2013        BLAKEY FEIS    
Western Canada     www.blakeyschool.com     feis@blakeyschool.com
Westin Calgary Downtown, 333 4th Ave SW, Calgary, AB  0
Chairperson: Barbara Blakey & Francine Smith   feis@blakeyschool.com
Entry Secretary: Jenny Williams   calgaryreddog@me.com

Western US     www.shelleyirishdance.com     info@shelleyirishdance.com
Kearns High School, 5525 South 4800 West, Salt Lake City, UT  84118
Chairperson: Tina Shelley   tcrgbabe@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Aaron Shelley   tinair@yahoo.com

2/2/2013        NORTH COAST FEIS    
MidAmerica     northcoastfeis.com     ppgccmmv@msn.com
I-X Center, One I-X Center Drive, Cleveland, OH  44135
Chairperson: Christine Leneghan   ppgccmmv@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Sandi Asazawa   sandiasaz@aol.com

2/2/2013        O'ROURKE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.orourkeirishdancers.com     orourkefoundationinc@gmail.com
SUNY Purchase, 735 Anderson Hill Road, Purchase, NY  10577
Chairperson: LuAnn O'Rourke-Boyd ADCRG   luann614@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: Sue Fuller   orourkefoundationinc@gmail.com

Southern US     www.irishdancehouston.com     
Hilton Houston North, 12400 Greenspoint Drive, Houston, TX  77060
Chairperson: Linda Pace   lpace1231@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Wendy Johnston   johnstonfamily97@gmail.com

2/3/2013        SHAMROCK SCHOOL FEIS    
New England     www.shamrockdancestudio.com     shamrockbarry@comcast.net
North West Catholic High School, 29 Wampanoag Drive, West Hartford, CT  6117
Chairperson: Shannon Barry & Sheila Stevens   
Entry Secretary: Shannon Barry   shamrockbarry@comcast.net

Western Canada          rinceisssfeis@hotmail.com
River Cree Resort and Casino, 300 East Lapotac Blvd Box 179, Enoch, Alberta, CANADA  0
Chairperson: Moira Hogan & Jeannie Mah   rinceisssfeis@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary:    

Western US     fearon-oconnor.com     feisorangecounty@yahoo.com
Irvine Marriott Hotel, 18000 Von Karmen, Irvine, CA  
Chairperson: Erin McGovern   mcgovfamily@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Erin McGovern   feisorangecounty@yahoo.com

2/16/2013-2/17/2013        ****NAFC CHAMPIONSHIPS & MUSIC SCHOLARSHIPS****    
Orlando Hilton     Orlando, Florida     https://www.facebook.com/NAFC.Championships
Gerry Campbell Senior Belt, Robert Gabor Junior and George Sweetnam Minor Trophies, , & Music Scholarships  
Chairperson: Pat Watkins   pawatkinsnafc@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: eFeis   

2/16/2013        ST. LOUIS IRISH ARTS FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.slia.org     helen@slia.org
St. Louis Hilton Ballpark Hotel, One Broadway, St. Louis, MO  63103
Chairperson: Helen Gannon   helen@slia.org
Entry Secretary: Cathy Thompson   

2/16/2013-2/17/2013        FEIS SAN FRANCISCO    
Western US     info@feisinfo.com     sharonemac@comcast.net
St.Mary's Cathedral Conference Center, 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA  94109
Chairperson: James J Whelan   sharonemac@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Sharon Whelan MacSweeney   sharonemac@comcast.net

2/17/2013        FEIS NA NOLLAG    
MidAtlantic     www.donnygoldenschool.com     feisnanollag@gmail.com
Kingsborough Community College, 2001 Oriental Blvd, Brooklyn, NY  11235
Chairperson: Philippa Cantillon & Bridget Spillane   feisnanollag@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Rosemarie Byrne   feisnanollag@gmail.com

2/17/2013        ST. LOUIS WINTER FEIS    
MidAmerica          stlouisfeis@gmail.com
St.Louis Hilton Ballpark, 1 South Broadway, St. Louis, MO  0
Chairperson: Kathleen Graham-Kelly TCRG   stlouisfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Kathleem Graham-Kelly TCRG   stlouisfeis@gmail.com

2/23/2013        BROESLER SCHOOL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.broesler.com     
Hanover Marriott Whippany, 1401 State Route 10, Whippany, NJ  7981
Chairperson: Anne Dougherty   
Entry Secretary: Una Egan   egan06@verizon.net

2/23/2013-2/24/2013        NEW MEXICO STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS & FEIS    
Western US     feisworx.com     thedancehall@aol.com
Hyatt Regency Albuquerque, 330 Tijeras NW, Albuquerque, NM  87102
Chairperson: Pat Hall ADCRG   thedancehall@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Pat Hall ADCRG   thedancehall@aol.com

2/23/2013        MEXICO CITY FEIS    
Southern US     www.mexicocityfeis.com     
Royal Pedregal Hotel, Periferico Sur 4363, Mexico City, MEXICO  14210
Chairperson: Gisela Mosti   
Entry Secretary: Margarita de Anda   

2/23/2013-2/24/2013        VAN-EIRE TRAD.DANCE ASSOC FEIS    
Western Canada          vflgourmet@gmail.com
North Surrey Secondary School, 945 96 Avenue, Surrey, BC, CANADA  
Chairperson: Virginia Lee   vflgourmet@gmail.com
Entry Secretary:    

2/23/2013        FEIS NA TARA    
Southern US     feisnatara.org     irishdance@mindspring.com
Atlanta Airport Marriott, 4711 Best Road, Atlanta, GA  30337
Chairperson: Eileen Mulligan Evans TCRG   irishdance@mindspring.com
Entry Secretary:    

2/24/2013        INISHFREE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.inishfreeny.com     inishfreee@cs.com
Alfred G Berner Middle School, 50 Carmen Mill Road, Massapequa, NY  11758
Chairperson: Mike Lane   mmmcklane@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: Jim Felice   inishfreefeis@aol.com

Southern US     www.mcteggartntx.org     minnie2005@verizon.net
Sheraton Grand DFW, 4440 W John Carpenter Freeway, Irving, TX  75063
Chairperson: Sheila Heierman   minnie2005@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Mary DeChellis   mary.dechellis@yahoo.com

3/2/2013-3/3/2013        WALSH KELLEY SCHOOL FEIS - NEW FEIS    
Southern US     www.walshkelleyschool.com     aine@walshkelleyschool.com
Please visit www.walshkelleyschool.com for venue information, , Charlotte, NC  
Chairperson: Aine Walsh Kelley   aine@walshkelleyschool.com
Entry Secretary: Aine Walsh Kelley   aine@walshkelleyschool.com

3/2/2013        LAVIN-CASSIDY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.lavincassidy.com     feischair@lavincassidy.com
Grand Geneva Hotel, 720 Grand Geneva Way, Lake Geneva, WI  53147
Chairperson: Tara Ross   tarkev@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Carolyn Farrell   feisregistrar@lavincassidy.com

3/2/2013-3/3/2013        FEIS RINCE CONEJO VALLEY    
Western US     www.oconnorschool.com     oconnorschoolinfo@gmail.com
Hyatt Westlake Village, 880 South Westlake Blvd, Westlake Village, CA  
Chairperson: Tina Benton   bentontina@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jim Gilmartin   www.feisinfo.com

3/2/2013-3/3/2013        POSSAK FEIS AT THE TOWER    
Western Canada     www.possakirishdancing.com     
Hyatt Regency Calgary, 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, Canada  0
Chairperson: Linda Possak Anderson TCRG   lpossak@telus.net
Entry Secretary:    

New England     www.grayschool.com     feis@grayschool.com
Westbrook High School, 156 McVeagh Rd, Westbrook, CT  
Chairperson: Iris Gray Sharnick   iris@grayschool.com
Entry Secretary:    

3/3/2013        GARDEN STATE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.mariemoore-irishdance.com     cunniffex3@msn.com
David Brearley High School, 401 Monroe Avenue, Kenilworth, NJ  7033
Chairperson: Marie Moore, Frank Cunniffe, Jackie Erel   cunniffex3@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Jackie Erel   gardenstatefeis@comcast.net

3/9/2013-3/10/2013        PACIFIC NORTHWEST CHAMPIONSHIPS    
Western US          comerfordschool@earthlink.net
Hilton Airport Hotel, , Seattle, WA  
Chairperson: Tony Comerford   comerfordschool@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: FeisWorx   

3/10/2013        NORTH SHORE FEIS    
New England     www.bremerschool.com     empetrocelli@yahoo.com
Breed Middle School, O'Callahan Way, Lynn, MA  1903
Chairperson: Sheila Bremer   sheilabremer@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Elaine Petrocelli   empetrocelli@yahoo.com

3/16/2013-3/17/2013        BIG APPLE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.bigapplefeis.com     bigapplefeis@yahoo.com
, , New York City, NY  
Chairperson: Unateresa Gormley TCRG   samunag@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: Karen Murphy   bigappleentries@gmail.com

3/23/2013-3/24/2013        WEST VIRGINIA FEIS @ PITTSBURGH    
MidAmerica     irishcentrepgh.org     kayaks201@verizon.net
Hyatt Hotel, 1111 Airport Blvd PO Box 12420, Pittsburgh, PA  15231
Chairperson: James Graven   kayaks201@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Yates   yateska@hotmail.com

4/7/2013        LENIHAN SCHOOL FEIS    
New England     lenihanirishdance.com     lenihanschool@hotmail.com
Stratford High School, Parade Street, Stratford, CT  6497
Chairperson: Patricia Lenihan   
Entry Secretary: Patricia Lenihan   lenihanschool@hotmail.com

4/13/2013        HORGAN ACADEMY SPRING FEIS    
New England     www.angelfire.com/ct/horganacademy     horganacademy@yahoo.com
Heritage Hotel & Spa, 522 Heritage Road, Southbury, CT  6488
Chairperson: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com

4/13/2013-4/14/2013        FEILE DENVER & COLORADO STATE CHAMPIONSHIP    
Western US     www.mcteggart.com     feis@mcteggart.com
The Ranch - Larimer County Fairgrounds, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, CO  80538
Chairperson: Katie Ernst   feis@mcteggart.com
Entry Secretary: Juliana Sprister   feis@mcteggart.com

4/14/2013        HANSEN-KEOHANE SCHOOL FEIS    
New England     www.hansenkeohaneschool.com     hkfeis2013@gmail.com
Dedham High School, Whiting Ave, Dedham, MA  2026
Chairperson: Alanna Maida   alanna.maida@rcn.com
Entry Secretary: Alanna Maida   hkfeis2013@gmail.com

Southern US     www.emeraldschool.com     emeraldschool@verizon.net
Westin D/FW Hotel, 4545 W John Carpenter Frwy, Irving, TX  75063
Chairperson: Leslie Middleton TCRG   emeraldschool@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Lisa Zimmerer   

4/20/2013-4/21/2013        GOLDEN STATE FEIS    
Western US     info@feisinfo.com     sharonemac@comcast.net
St.Mary's Cathedral Conference Center, 1111 Gough Street, San Francisco, CA  94109
Chairperson: James J Whelan   sharonemac@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Sharon Whelan MacSweeney   sharonemac@comcast.net

MidAtlantic     www.cumminsschool.com/feisatthebeach     feisatthebeach@aol.com
Wildwood Convention Center, 4501 Boardwalk, Wildwood, NJ  8260
Chairperson: Noreen McAleer TCRG   nmcaleer@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Kerri Meenagh   kerriseamus@gmail.com

4/20/2013        BUCKEYE STATE FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.buckeyestatefeis.com     info@buckeyestatefeis.com
The Veterans Memorial, 300 West Broad Street, Columbus, OH  43215
Chairperson: Leigh Brennan & Terri O'Connor   leighbrennan@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Vicki Boddeker   secretary@buckeyestatefeis.com

4/26/2013-4/28/2013        MATTIERIN SPRING "FEIS IN THE PARK"    
Western Canada     www.mattierin.com     feisinthepark@shaw.ca
Millennium Place, 2100 Premier Way, Sherwood Park, Alberta  0
Chairperson: Merv Bell TCRG   mattierin@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jennifer Macpherson   jpmacpher@shaw.ca

4/27/2013        FEIS SLC    
Western US     www.utahirishdance.com     feisslc@gmail.com
Jordan High School, 95 Beetdigger Blvd, Sandy, UT  84123
Chairperson: Marcus Stanfield   feisslc@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Amy Stanfield TCRG   utahirishdance@earthlink.net

4/27/2013        SOUTH FLORIDA FEIS    
Southern US     www.tirnagreine.com     tirnasully@aol.com
Hutchinson Island Marriott, 555 NE Ocean Blvd, Stuart, FL  34996
Chairperson: Laura O'Sullivan   tirnasully@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Rob Persons   registra@tirnagreine.com

4/27/2013-4/28/2013        EMERALD CITY FEIS    
Western US     www.emeraldcityfeis.com     taraacademy@hotmail.com
Northwest Rooms at the Seattle Center, 1st Ave North & Republican Street, Seattle, WA  98109
Chairperson: Sara Raney Williams TCRG   taraacademy@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Sara Raney Williams TCRG   taraacademy@hotmail.com

4/27/2013        MINNEAPOLIS FEIS - NEW FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.minneapolisfeis.com     
Minneapolis Convention Center, 1301 2nd Ave South, Minneapolis, MN  55403
Chairperson: Ken Boyles   kboyles@embassybloomington.com
Entry Secretary:    

4/27/2013        BOB GABOR CNY FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.cnyfeis.com     cnyfeis@gmail.com
NYS Fairgrounds, 581 State Fair Blvd, Syracuse, NY  13209
Chairperson: Megan Hickey TCRG & Katie McCarthy TCRG   cnyfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jennifer Montague   cnyregistrar@gmail.com

4/27/2013        LITTLE ROCK FEIS    
Southern US     www.arkansasfeis.com     LittleRockFeis@ArkansasFeis.com
Statehouse Convention Center, 7 Statehouse Plaza, Little Rock, AR  72201
Chairperson: Judy McCafferty ADCRG   judymccaff@sbcglobal.net
Entry Secretary: P.J. McCafferty ADCRG   pl@mccaffertyirishdancers.com

4/28/2013        FOUR PROVINCES FEIS    
MidAtlantic          fourprovinces@live.com
Marple Sports Arena, 611 South Parkway Blvd, Broomall, PA  19008
Chairperson: Marie Farrelly & Sheila Sweeney   mariefarrelly@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Marie Farrelly   mariefarrelly@verizon.net

New England     www.theforbesschool.com     forbesschool@comcast.net
Pembroke High School, 80 Learning Lane, Pembroke, MA  2359
Chairperson: Joan Forbes Dunn   joanforbesdunn@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Jim Dunn   james.dunn4@comcast.net

5/3/2013-5/4/2013        PEACH STATE FEIS    
Southern US     www.peachstatefeis.com     PeachStateFeis@comcast.net
Westin Atlanta North At Perimeter, Seven Concourse Parkway, Atlanta, GA  30328
Chairperson: Tricia White   PeachStateFeis@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Tricia White   PeachStateFeis@comcast.net

5/4/2013        SHEA-JENNINGS SCHOOL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.sheajennings.com     info@sheajennings.com
Wardlaw Hartridge School, 1295 Inman Avenue, Edison, NJ  8820
Chairperson: Cheryl Morrison   
Entry Secretary: Heather Worthey   heather.worthey@verizon.net

5/4/2013        FOREST CITY FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.forestcityfeis.com     forestcityfeis@rogers.com
Progress Building, Western Fair Association, 316 Rectory Street, London, ONT  0
Chairperson: Tony Nother   
Entry Secretary: Eileen Doyle   forestcityfeis@rogers.com

MidAmerica     www.wisconsinspringfeis.com     mke.springfeis@gmail.com
TBD, , Milwaukee, WI  
Chairperson: Tess Dalton   mke.springfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Tess Dalton   mke.springfeis@gmail.com

5/5/2013        LYNN ACADEMY SPRING FEIS    
New England     www.lynnacademy.com     lynnfeis@yahoo.com
Stamford High School, 55 Strawberry Hill Ave, Stamford, CT  6902
Chairperson: Andrea Thorne   lynnfeis@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Lynne Martin   lynnfeis@yahoo.com

5/11/2013        QUEEN CITY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.queencityfeis.com     QueenCityFeis@aol.com
Duke Energy Center, 525 Elm Street, Cincinnati, OH  45202
Chairperson: Allison Weber Erikson & Allison McClanahan Carr   QueenCityFeis@aol.com
Entry Secretary:    

5/11/2013        HOLY ANGELS FEIS - NEW FEIS    
Southern US     www.rincenaheireann.com     feischair@rincenaheireann.com
St. Gabriel's Catholic Church, 3016 Providence Rd, Charlotte, NC  28012
Chairperson: Joan Marie Belnap   jmbelnap@triad.rr.com
Entry Secretary: Michele Dawe   micdawe@aol.com

Eastern Canada     www.maeandpaddybutlerfeis.com     
Centennial College - Athletic & Wellness Centre, 941 Progress Ave, Scarborough, ONT  
Chairperson: Patricia Gilchrist-Kelso   chair@maeandpaddybutlerfeis.com
Entry Secretary: Monika Donnelly   registrar@maeandpaddybutlerfeis.com

MidAtlantic     www.sheahangormleyirishdance.com/orangecofeis.htm     orangecofeis@aol.com
Monroe/Woodbury Middle School, 199 Dunderbergh Road, Central Valley, NY  10917
Chairperson: Unateresa Sheahan Gormley   samunag@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: Karen Murphy   orangecofeis@aol.com

5/11/2013-5/12/2013        CAPE COD FEIS    
New England     www.heaveyquinnirishdance.com     gbidt2012@gmail.com
Hyannis Resort and Conference Center, 35 Scudder Road, Hyannis, MA  
Chairperson: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com

5/11/2013-5/12/2013        ST. AMBROSE SPRING FEIS    
Western US     www.clearyirishdance.com     mcleary364@aol.com
Sheraton Fairplex, , Pomona, CA  
Chairperson: Margaret Cleary   MCleary364@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Feis Productions   info@feisinfo.com

5/12/2013        BLUEGRASS FEIS    
MidAmerica     kyirishdancers.org     bluegrassfeis@gmail.com
Lexington Convention Center, 430 W Vine Street, Lexington, KY  40507
Chairperson: Liz Donnelly-Kellen   liz@kellen.net
Entry Secretary: Elise Bray   delongbray@gmail.com

5/17/2013-5/19/2013        WILD ROSE FEIS    
Western Canada     houstonacademy@hotmail.com     kimieeeeee@hotmail.com
Hyatt Regency Calgary, 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary, Alberta, CA  0
Chairperson: Carla Quesnel   rccquesnel@shaw.ca
Entry Secretary: Sally Houston   grammalicious@shaw.ca

5/18/2013-5/19/2013        TUCSON FEIS    
Western US     www.tucsonfeis.com     info@tucsonfeis.com
Holiday Inn at the Airport, 4550 South Palo Verde, Tucson, AZ  85714
Chairperson: Elizabeth Lopez & Catherine Harris   betsylopez@aol.com
Entry Secretary:    

5/18/2013        FEIS MONTREAL    
Eastern Canada     www.montrealirishdance.com     Feismontreal@gmail.com
College John Abbott, 21275 Lakeshore, Ste Anne de Bellevue, QC  
Chairperson: Patrick Short   patrick.short@videotron.ca
Entry Secretary: Peter Moran   Feismontreal@gmail.com

5/18/2013        ORLANDO FEIS    
Southern US     www.orlandofeis.com     myrawatters@aol.com
Marriott World Center, 8701 World Center Drive, Orlando, FL  32821
Chairperson: Myra Watters ADCRG   myrawatters@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Myra Watters ADCRG   myrawatters@aol.com

5/19/2013        CAPITAL FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.suefayhealy.com     
St. Peter High School, 750 Charlemagne Blvd, Orleans, ONT  0
Chairperson: Francis Healy   sue@suefayhealy.com
Entry Secretary: Jennifer Healy   sue.jennifersfh@yahoo.com

5/19/2013        MURRAY ACADEMY FEIS    
New England     http://cararince.weebly.com/     murrayirishcr@yahoo.com
Exeter High School, 1 Blue Hawk Drive, Exeter, NH  3833
Chairperson: Jessica Bucknam   jessbucknam@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Margo Muench   mjmuench241@comcast.net

MidAtlantic     www.emeraldapc.com/events/feis     kpkells@comcast.net
Putnam County Veteran's Memorial Park, 225 Gypsy Trail Road, Carmel, NY  10512
Chairperson: Kevin Kelly   kpkells@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Nuala Donnelly   nualadonnelly@aol.com

5/25/2013-5/26/2013        WEST COAST IRISH DANCE CHAMPIONSHIPS    
Western Canada     www.penkodonnell.com     findlay@telus.net
Heritage Woods High School, 1300 David Ave, Port Moody, BC, CANADA  0
Chairperson: Shannon Findlay   findlay@telus.net
Entry Secretary: Debbie Sergent   4520debbie@gmail.com

5/25/2013        AKRON AOH FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.akronfeis.com     loriseeman@aol.com
Summit County Fairgrounds, 229 E Howe Road, Tallmadge, OH  44278
Chairperson: Lori Seeman   loriseeman@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Nick Jacobs   njacobs@clashmore.com

MidAtlantic     www.mcdonaldashford.com     Roisinirishdance@gmail.com
East Syracuse Minoa High School, 6400 Fremont Road, East Syracuse, NY  13057
Chairperson: Jill Domick Etoll TCRG   Roisinirishdance@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Lisa Lonergan TCRG   Roisinirishdance@gmail.com

5/26/2013-5/27/2013        CALIFORNIA SPRING FEIS    
Western US     www.murphyschoolofirishdance.com     californiaspringfeis@gmail.com
South San Francisco Conference Center, 255 S. Airport Blvd, South San Francisco, CA  94080
Chairperson: Trish Conefrey TCRG   trishandcolm@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Trish Conefrey   californiaspringfeis@gmail.com

5/26/2013-5/27/2013        CHICAGO FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.chicagogaelicpark.org     feis@chicagogaelicpark.org
Chicago Gaelic Park, 6119 West 147th Street, Oak Forest, IL  60452
Chairperson: John C Griffin   feis@chicagogaelicpark.org
Entry Secretary: Harry Costelloe   feis@chicagogaelicpark.org

5/26/2013        MEMPHIS FEIS    
Southern US     memphisfeis.webs.com     marymcginty@comcast.net
Christian Brothers University, 650 East Parkway, Memphis, TN  38112
Chairperson: Mary McGinty   marymcginty@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Anne McGinty   annemcginty@msn.com

Southern US     http://home.earthlink.net/~lfrank2/     ccefeis@irishturfdistributors.com
Mt St Mary's University, 16300 Old Emmitsburg Road, Emmitsburg, MD  
Chairperson: Larry Frank   lfrank2@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Michelle Kennedy   ccefeis@irishturfdistributors.com

5/26/2013        CLEVELAND FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.clevelandfeis.com     clevelandfeis@yahoo.com
Wolstein Center at Cleveland State University, 2000 Prospect Ave, Cleveland, OH  44115
Chairperson: Christopher Cooper   ccooperkids@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Kemock   clevelandfeisentries@gmail.com

6/1/2013        OZARK MOUNTAINS FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.ozarkmountainfeis.com     mchrisgraves@aol.com
Branson City Convention Center, 200 S Sycamore, Branson, MO  65616
Chairperson: Chris Graves   mchrisgraves@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Lynn Mantooth   mlmantooth@vlach.us

6/1/2013-6/2/2013        OREGON STATE CHAMPIONSHIP FEIS    
Western US          yeatesacademy@aol.com
Sheraton Airport Hotel, 8235 NE Airport Way, Portland, OR  97220
Chairperson: Breda Yeates   yeatesacademy@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Vicki Mallonee   yeatesacademy@aol.com

6/1/2013        FEILE RINCE CHARLOTTE    
Southern US     www.walshkelleyschool.com     aine@walshkelleyschool.com
The Blake Hotel, 555 South McDowell Street, Charlotte, NC  28204
Chairperson: Aine Walsh Kelley   aine@walshkelleyschool.com
Entry Secretary: Caroline Waterman   carolinewaterman@carolina.rr.com

6/1/2013        GREENE-O'LEARY FEIS    
New England     www.greeneoleary.com     greeneoleary@verizon.net
St. Theresa's School, St. Theresa Avenue, West Roxbury, MA  2132
Chairperson: Maureen Greene O'Leary   greeneoleary@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Maureen Greene O'Leary   greeneoleary@verizon.net

6/1/2013-6/2/2013        GRAND CANYON STATE FEIS    
Western US     www.grandcanyonstatefeis.com     grandcanyonfeis@yahoo.com
DoubleTree Paradise Valley, , Scottsdale, AZ  
Chairperson: Maggie Kipp & Shelly Barrell   grandcanyonfeis@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Shelly Barrell   grandcanyonfeis@yahoo.com

MidAmerica     www.FeisDetroit.com     entries@FeisDetroit.com
Ultimate Soccer, 867 South Blvd, Pontiac, MI  48341
Chairperson: Sean Kilcoin   kilcoin@ameritech.net
Entry Secretary: Mary Kristock   entries@FeisDetroit.com

6/1/2013        BUFFALO FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.buffalofeis.org     buffalofeischair@adelphia.net
Event Center at the Fairgrounds, 4870 South Park Ave, Hamburg, NY  14075
Chairperson: Mary C. Heneghan   buffalofeischair@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Brian Little   buffalofeis@hotmail.com

6/2/2013        SEXTON FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.sextonacademy.com/FeisSexton.htm     feis@sextonacademy.com
MAC at Monmouth University, 300 Cedar Ave, West Long Branch, NJ  
Chairperson: Brian Sexton   info@sextonacademy.com
Entry Secretary: Brian Sexton   feis@sextonacademy.com

6/2/2013        HARTFORD FEIS    
New England     www.hartfordctfeis.com     htfdfeis@irishamericanhome.com
The Irish American Home Society, 132 Commerce Street, Glastonbury, CT  6033
Chairperson: Liz Saunders   lizsaunders@comcast.net
Entry Secretary: Mary Lynch   mary.lynch@ct.gov

New England          liamthedancer@gmail.com
Irish Cultural Center, 200 New Boston Drive, Canton, MA  2021
Chairperson: Liam Harney ADCRG   liamthedancer@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Liam Harney   liamthedancer@gmail.com

Eastern Canada     www.gtfeis.com     gtfeis@rogers.com
Louise Arbour SS, 365 Father Tobin Rd, ,   
Chairperson: Tom Blake & Tina Ball   gtfeis@rogers.com
Entry Secretary: David Ball   gtfeis@rogers.com

Southern US     www.irishdanceaustin.com     inishfreeinfo@gmail.com
Holiday Inn and Conference Center Midtown, 6000 Middle Fiskville Road, Austin, TX  78752
Chairperson: Debbie Neuberger   debbie@neuoilandgas.com
Entry Secretary: Amy Goss & Jennifer Mooney   jennifermooney@austin.rr.com

6/8/2013        INDIANAPOLIS FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.indyfeis.net     indplsfeis@yahoo.com
, , Indianapolis, IN  
Chairperson: Julia Wilson   rincejuju@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Ellen O'Brien   IndplsFeis@yahoo.com

MidAtlantic     www.patriciamurphyschool.com     murphyfeismom@hotmail.com
Brick Memorial High School, 2001 Lanes Mill Road, Brick, NJ  8724
Chairperson: Joan E Ruane   murphyfeismom@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Joan E Ruane   murphyfeismom@hotmail.com

6/9/2013        UNITED IRISH COUNTIES FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.uicany.org     unitedirishcounties@gmail.com
Sanders Trades High School, 183 Palmer Road, Yonkers, NY  10701
Chairperson: Anne Hearn   anne.hearn@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Sean McGovern   unitedirishcounties@gmail.com

6/9/2013        IRISH HERITAGE FEIS MA    
New England     BostonIrishDance.com     osheachaplin@hotmail.com
Saugus High School, Pierce Memorial Drive, Saugus, MA  
Chairperson: Rita O'Shea   osheachaplin@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Lisa Chaplin   osheachaplin@hotmail.com

6/9/2013        CINCINNATI FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.cincinnatifeis.com     rmgarcia01@insightbb.com
Xavier University, Cintas and Conference Center, 1624 Herald Avenue, Cincinnati, OH  45212
Chairperson: Rebecca McDaniel Garcia   rmgarcia01@insightbb.com
Entry Secretary: Susan Saud   sasaud@cinci.rr.com

6/14/2013-6/15/2013        PIKES PEAK FEIS    
Western US     celticsteps.org     celticsteps@aol.com
Bear Creek Elementary, 1330 Creekside Drive, Monument, CO  80132
Chairperson: Shaun Casey   celticsteps@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Julie McDonald   

6/15/2013        LOUISVILLE FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.louisvillefeis.com     rocnreel@gmail.com
KY Expo Center, 937 Phillips Lane, Louisville, KY  40209
Chairperson: Heather McClanahan   rocnreel@gmail.com
Entry Secretary:    

6/15/2013-6/16/2013        FEIS AT THE FAIR    
Western US          byrnechris@aol.com
Oak Canyon Park, 5305 Santiago Canyon Rd, Orange County, CA  92676
Chairperson: Christine Byrne TCRG   aniaracademy.com
Entry Secretary: Christine Byrne   aniaracademy.com

6/15/2013        OLD DOMINION FEIS    
Southern US     www.mapleirishdance.com     mapleschoolfeis@gmail.com
Kena Shrine, 9001 Arlington Blvd, Fairfax, VA  22031
Chairperson: Marnie O'Callaghan-Maple   WMap7421@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jim Shaw   mapleschoolfeis@gmail.com

Western Canada     www.stewartschoolofirishdance.com     info@stewartschoolofirishdance.com
Lord Tweedsmuir High School, 6151 180th Street, Surrey, BC  
Chairperson: Magdalene Stewart   magdalene.stewart@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Laura Carandang   lcarandang@gmail.com

6/15/2013        MULLANE HEALY GODLEY    
MidAmerica     http://www.mhgdance.com     garyhealy@earthlink.net
McCook Athletic and Exposition Center, 6750 South Vernon Avenue, McCook, IL  
Chairperson: Mike Mullane & Gary Healy   garyhealy@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Mary Pat Dumke   mullanehealygodleyfeis@sbcglobal.net

6/16/2013        GREATER BOSTON TEACHER FEIS    
New England     www.heaveyquinnirishdance.com     gbidt2012@gmail.com
The Lantana, 43 Scanlon Drive, Randolph, MA  2368
Chairperson: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com

6/22/2013-6/23/2013        LUCKY 7'S FEIS - NEW FEIS    
Western US          songreene@aol.com
Doubletree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA  95110
Chairperson: Tony Comerford/Sondra Greene   songreene@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   

6/22/2013        UTAH STATE FEIS    
Western US     irishdanceinutah.com     alanscariff1@gmail.com
Utah State Fair Park Grand Building, 155 North 1000 West, Salt Lake City, UT  84116
Chairperson: Alan Scariff   alanscariff1@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Alan Scariff   alanscariff1@gmail.com

6/22/2013        GOLDEN HORSESHOE FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.goldenhorseshoefeis.com     ghfeis@cogeco.ca
Milton Sports Centre, 605 Santa Maria Blvd, Milton, ONT  
Chairperson: Gary Brown & Kieron Hoare   gary@goldenhorseshoefeis.com
Entry Secretary: Melanie May   registrar@goldenhorseshoefeis.com

6/22/2013        CELTIC FLING FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.parenfaire.com     yates@hotmail.com
Celtic Fling and Highland Games, 2775 Lebanon Road, Manheim, PA  17545
Chairperson: Jim Graven   kayaks201@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Kathy Yates   yates@hotmail.com

6/22/2013        TWIN CITIES FEIS    
MidAmerica          rjones2112@aol.com
Saint Paul RiverCentre, 175 West Kellogg Blvd, St. Paul, MN  55102
Chairperson: Rachel Knutson TCRG   rjones2112@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Helen Wilke   wwpi@aol.com

6/22/2013        DAYTON AREA FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.daytonfeis.org     daytonfeis@gmail.com
Sinclair Community College Bldg 8, , Dayton, OH  45402
Chairperson: Brenda Mays   bcm92165@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Beth Holloway   toothy234@gmail.com

6/23/2013        PETER SMITH FEIS    
MidAtlantic     http://www.petersmithschool.com/peter-smith-school-feis.html     petersmithfeis@petersmithschool.com
New Jersey Convention and Exposition Center, 97 Sunfield Avenue, Edison, NJ  8837
Chairperson: Tom McFadden   petersmithfeis@petersmithschool.com
Entry Secretary: Donna Genthe   petersmithschool@gmail.com

6/23/2013        NEW HAVEN FEIS    
New England     www.ctirishfestival.com     nhfeis.secretary@hotmail.com
North Haven Fairgrounds, 300 Washington Avenue Route 5, North Haven, CT  6473
Chairperson: John O'Keefe   okeefedancer@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Theresa O'Brien   nhfeis.secretary@hotmail.com

7/13/2013-7/14/2013        COLORADO IRISH FESTIVAL FEIS    
Western US     coloradoirishfestival.org     HeritageIrish@aol.com
Columbine High School, 6201 S. Pierce Street, Littleton, CO  80123
Chairperson: Ariel Bennett ADCRG   HeritageIrish@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Ariel Bennett ADCRG   HeritageIrish@aol.com

7/13/2013        CLANN NA NGAEL SUMMERFEIS    
MidAmerica     www.clannnangael.org/summer-feis-2013     summerfeis@clannnangael.org
Shamrock Club of Columbus, 60 W Castle Road, Columbus, OH  43207
Chairperson: Joni Mobley   susanlenox@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Joni Mobley   

7/13/2013        FEIS ROCHESTER    
MidAtlantic     http://www.feisweb.com/Rochester     
Main Street Armory, 900 East Main Street, Rochester, NY  14605
Chairperson: Rachel Young & Sandy Oswald   ryoungone@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Peggy Abbamonte   feisrochester09@gmail.com

7/20/2013-7/21/2013        DANCE FOR LIFE    
Western US     www.srsirishdance.com     pmartig@msn.com
Seatac Marriott Hotel, 3201 South 176th Street, Seattle, WA  0
Chairperson: Robert Haley & Patti Martig   pmartig@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   info@feisworx.com

7/20/2013        GOVERNOR THOMAS DONGAN FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.donganfeis.org     donganfeis@gmail.com
Empire State Convention Center, , Albany, NY  
Chairperson: Chris Boland TCRG   cboland@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Colleen Janiero   donganfeis@gmail.com

7/20/2013        BADGER STATE FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.badgerstatefeis.com     badgerstatefeis@live.com
Pettit National Ice Center, 500 S 84th St, Milwaukee, WI  53214
Chairperson: Sharon Murphy   badgerstatefeis@live.com
Entry Secretary: Sharon Murphy   badgerstatefeis@live.com

7/21/2013        ROCKLAND COUNTY FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.rocklandcountyfeis.com     mrsfeis@gmail.com
German Masonic Park, 89 Western Highway, Tappan, NY  
Chairperson: Patricia Dwyer   MrsFeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Bernadette Broderick   jbbroderick@icloud.com

7/21/2013        CREAM CITY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.thecreamcityfeis.com     creamcityfeis@yahoo.com
Petit National Ice Center, 500 S 84th St, Milwaukee, WI  53214
Chairperson: Gwen A Gayhart   
Entry Secretary: Gwen A Gayhart   

7/27/2013        MAINE STATE FEIS    
New England     stillsonirishdance.com     lstillson@aol.com
Gorham Middle School, 106 Weeks Road, Gorham, ME  
Chairperson: Carlene Stillson ADCRG   
Entry Secretary: Carlene Stillson ADCRG   lstillson@aol.com

7/27/2013        ST. CATHARINES FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.stcatharinesfeis.com     chair_stcatharinesfeis@yahoo.ca
Brock University, 500 Glenridge Avenue, St. Catharines, ONT  0
Chairperson: Erin Bryans & Cindy Stevenson   cochair_stcatharinesfeis@yahoo.ca
Entry Secretary:    entries_stcatharinesfeis@yahoo.ca

7/27/2013-7/28/2013        NATION'S CAPITAL FEIS    
Southern US     www.nationscapitalfeis.com     LoveNCFeis@aol.com
Sheraton Premiere @ Tysons Corner, 8661 Leesburg Pike, Vienna, VA  22182
Chairperson: Fred James Sr   ADCRG@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Fred James Sr   ADCRG@aol.com

7/27/2013        ST. LOUIS AN SAMHRA FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.ansamhrafeis.org     kinneycindy@outlook.com
Hilton St Louis Frontenac, 1335 S Lindbergh Blvd, St. Louis, MO  
Chairperson: Maureen Llewellyn   
Entry Secretary: Cindy Kinney   kinneycindy@outlook.com

8/2/2013-8/3/2013        COLUMBUS FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.columbusfeis.com     regan1933@hotmail.com
Dublin Coffman High School, 6780 Coffman Road, Dublin, OH  43017
Chairperson: Joe Regan   regan1933@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Joe Regan   regan1933@hotmail.com

8/3/2013        TWO RIVERS FEILE    
MidAmerica     www.tworiversfeile.com     Questions? Please use "contact us" on website
Community Choice Convention Complex - Iowa Events Center, , Des Moines, IA  
Chairperson: Kip Wisco   tworiverschair@q.com
Entry Secretary: Feis Secretary   tworiverschair@q.com

8/3/2013        CATSKILL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.catskillfeis.com     catskillfeis@aol.com
The Blackthorne Resort, 348 Sunside Road, East Durham, NY  12423
Chairperson: Jeanne and Michael Farrell   catskillfeis@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Jeanne and Michael Farrell   catskillfeis@aol.com

8/3/2013-8/4/2013        ARIZONA STATE CHAMPIONSHIPS    
Western US          thedancehall@aol.com
Arizona Grand Resort, 8000 South Arizona Grand Parkway, Phoenix, AZ  85044
Chairperson: Pat Hall ADCRG   thedancehall@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Pat Hall ADCRG   thedancehall@aol.com

8/3/2013        HISTORIC SAVANNAH FEIS    
Southern US     www.historicsavannahfeis.com     feischair@historicsavannahfeis.com
Savannah Civic Center, 301 West Oglethorpe Ave, Savannah, GA  31401
Chairperson: Erin Neely   feischair@historicsavannahfeis.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Gene Murphy Sikes   feischair@historicsavannahfeis.com

8/3/2013-8/4/2013        SILICON VALLEY FEIS    
Western US          songreene@aol.com
Double Tree Hotel, 2050 Gateway Place, San Jose, CA  
Chairperson: Sondra Greene   songreene@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   

8/4/2013        FEIS NOVA SCOTIA    
Eastern Canada     www.feisnovascotia.com     info@feisnovascotia.com
Saint Mary's  University Tower, 920 Tower Road, Halifax, Nova Scotia  0
Chairperson: Bhreah MacDonald   info@feisnovascotia.com
Entry Secretary: Darcy McGuire   registrar@feisnovascotia.com

8/4/2013        LONG ISLAND FEIS    
MidAtlantic     li_feis.org     karilynobrien@yahoo.com
SUNY @ Stony Brook, 220 Student Activities Center, Stony Brook, NY  11794
Chairperson: Walter Bulter   wbutler547@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Karilyn O'Brien   karilynobrien@yahoo.com

8/10/2013        FEIS AT THE FALLS    
MidAtlantic     http://feisatthefalls.homestead.com/     feisatthefallschair@gmail.com
The Conference Center Niagara Falls, 101 Old Falls Street, Niagara Falls, NY  
Chairperson: Stacy Quinlan & Jennie Nablo   feisatthefallschair@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Brian Little   feisatthefalls@gmail.com

8/10/2013        MCINERNEY SCHOOL FEIS    
New England     www.marymacirishstep.com     stevemurphy43@verizon.net
DCU Convention Center, 35 Major Taylor Blvd, Worcester, MA  1608
Chairperson: Stephen Murphy   stevemurphy43@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Paula Murphy   stevemurphy43@verizon.net

8/10/2013-8/11/2013        COMORTAS AN CHOSTA OIR    
Western US     www.claddaghdance.com     gcfeis@claddaghdance.com
Warner Center Marriott, 21850 Oxnard St, Woodland Hills, CA  91367
Chairperson: Beth Probert   bethprobert@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jim Gilmartin, Feis Productions   www.feisinfo.com

8/10/2013        MILWAUKEE FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.milwaukeefeis.com     milwaukeefeis@gmail.com
University of Wisconsin Milwaukee, Student Union 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI  53211
Chairperson: Robert Cronin   rcronin@execpc.com
Entry Secretary: Maura Heck TCRG   milwaukeefeis@gmail.com

8/11/2013        MCMENAMIN ACADEMY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.midadance.com     info@mcmenaminacademy.com
UW-Milwaukee Union, 2200 E Kenwood Blvd, Milwaukee, WI  53211
Chairperson: Mary Kuehn   info@mcmenaminacademy.com
Entry Secretary: Aine McMenamin-Johnson TCRG   info@mcmenaminacademy.com

MidAtlantic     www.irishde.org     noratsmith8@yahoo.com
St. Mark's High School, 2501 Pike Creek Road, Wilmington, DE  19808
Chairperson: Nora T. Smith   noratsmith8@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Dave Burke   defeissecretary@yahoo.com

8/17/2013-8/18/2013        LYNN ACADEMY FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.lynnacademy.com     lynnfeis@yahoo.com
Sheraton Atlantic City, Two Convention Blvd, Atlantic City, NJ  8401
Chairperson: Andrea Thorne   lynnfeis@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Andrea Thorne   lynnfeis@yahoo.com

8/17/2013        SOUTHERN TIER FEIS    
MidAtlantic          kathleenmaryf@juno.com
Broome Community College Ice Rink, , Binghamton, NY  
Chairperson: Siobhan Roma & JoAnn Carle   siobhanroma177@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Fitzgerald   kathleenmaryf@juno.com

8/17/2013        FEIS BAILE NA ROS    
Eastern Canada     www.rosecityfeis.webs.com     rosecityfeis@aol.com
St. Thomas Villanova Catholic Secondary School, 2800 North Townline, LaSalle, ONT  0
Chairperson: Kathy Chernowsky   mchern@centurytel.net
Entry Secretary: Zita Perry   rosecityfeis@aol.com

8/18/2013        GREAT LAKES FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.greatlakesfeis.org     greatlakesfeis@yahoo.com
Lansing Center, 333 E. Michigan Ave, Lansing, MI  48933
Chairperson: Tim Burke   greatlakesfeis@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Bettina Nelson   greatlakesfeis@yahoo.com

8/24/2013        EAST DURHAM FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.irishvillageusa.com     celtichall@nycap.rr.com
MJ Quill Irish Centre, , East Durham, NY  
Chairperson: Kevin Roe   celtichall@nycap.rr.com
Entry Secretary: Susan Mahoney   sumahoney24@yahoo.com

8/24/2013        ST. LOUIS GATEWAY FEIS - CANCELLED    
MidAmerica     www.feisworx.com     gatewayfeis@gmail.com
, , St. Louis, MO  
Chairperson: Kathleen Kelly   mkelly@mccarthy.com
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Kelly   mkelly@mccarthy.com

8/24/2013        COWBOY STATE FEIS    
Western US     www.idacwy.com     idacwyoming@yahoo.com
Kelly Walsh High School, 3500 E 12th Street, Casper, WY  82609
Chairperson: Megan Gorman/Anne Donovan   idacwyoming@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Kari Harris   idacwyoming@yahoo.com

8/31/2013-9/1/2013        HIDDEN VALLEY FEIS    
Western US          
Loews Coronado Bay Resort, 4000 Coronado Bay Resort Road, San Diego, CA  92118
Chairperson: Donna Means King   
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   

8/31/2013-9/1/2013        CONSTITUTION STATE FEIS    
New England     www.angelfire.com/ct/horganacademy     horganacademy@yahoo.com
Quassy Amusement Park, 2132 Middlebury Road (Route 64), Middlebury, CT  6762
Chairperson: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com

8/31/2013        OAKVILLE FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.oakvillefeis.com     jvfletcher@sympatico.ca
Pine Glen Soccer Club, 1520 Pine Glen Road, Oakville, ONT  
Chairperson: Virginia Fletcher   jvfletcher@sympatico.ca
Entry Secretary: Tracy Hennessy   rt_hennessy@sympatico.ca

8/31/2013        KANSAS CITY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.kcfeis.com     info@kcfeis.com
The Westin Crown Center Hotel, One Pershing Road, Kansas City, MO  64108
Chairperson: Colleen O'Connell   info@kcfeis.com
Entry Secretary: Colleen O'Connell   info@kcfeis.com

9/1/2013        FEIS NA MARA - NEW FEIS    
Western US     feisnamara.weebly.com     feisnamara@ymail.com
Seaside Civic & Convention Center, 415 First Avenue, Seaside, OR  97138
Chairperson: Jim Mueller, ADCRG   jnlmueller@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Lauren Crowe-Mueller, TCRG   jnlmueller@yahoo.com

9/7/2013-9/8/2013        LONGS PEAK FEIS    
Western US     www.scotfest.com     bennettschool@aol.com
Stanley Park Ball Fields, 1209 Manford Ave, Estes Park, CO  80517
Chairperson: Molly Bennett TCRG   bennettschool@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Bill Bennett   bennettschool@aol.com

MidAmerica     www.mcnultyirishdancers.com     rockvalleyfeis@aol.com
Harper College, 1200 Algonquin Rd, Palatine, IL  
Chairperson: Sandra MacDonald   rockvalleyfeis@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Shailagh Gibbons   rockvalleyfeis@aol.com

MidAtlantic          edhansberry69@gmail.com
Sussex County Fair Ground, 37 Plains Road, Augusta, NJ  7822
Chairperson: Keith Wood   keith_wood_pm@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Edward Hansberry   edhansberry69@gmail.com

9/14/2013        MICHIGAN FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.michiganirish.org     michiganfeis@gmail.com
Muskegon Catholic Central High School, 1145 W Laketon, Muskegon, MI  49441
Chairperson: Kathleen Rabach   michiganfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Bridget Holton   michiganfeis@gmail.com

9/14/2013        JUNE BUTLER MEMORIAL FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.junebutlerfeis.com     chair@junebutlerfeis.com
Cawthra Park Secondary School, 1305 Cawthra Road, Mississauga, ONT  0
Chairperson: Deirdre Gallibois & Mike Andison   dgallibois@trebnet.com
Entry Secretary:    registrar@junebutlerfeis.com

9/15/2013        NASSAU COUNTY AOH FEIS    
MidAtlantic     nassaucountyaohfeis.com     
Hofstra University, 1000 Hempstead Ave, Hempstead, NY  11549
Chairperson: Sean O'Rourke   seanyo@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Carol McTigue   laohcarol@yahoo.com

9/20/2013-9/21/2013        CROSSROADS FEIS    
Western US     www.harpirishdance.com/blog/crossroads-feis     crossroadsfeis@gmail.com
Lehi High School, 180 North 500 East, Lehi, UT 1288  84043
Chairperson: Aubree Shelley TCRG   harpirishdance@gmail.com
Entry Secretary:    

9/21/2013        BALTIMORE FEIS    
Southern US     www.broesler.com     baltofeis2013@yahoo.com
Brooklyn Park Middle School, 194 Hammonds Lane, Brooklyn Park, MD  21225
Chairperson: Julie McCloskey   baltofeis2013@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Harriet McCann   baltofeis2013@yahoo.com

Southern US     www.mcteggartokc.org     irish@mcteggartokc.org
Magnuson Hotel Meridian Convention Center, 737 S Meridian Ave, Oklahoma City, OK  73108
Chairperson: Stacey Aldridge   staceymommy2@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Janine Thompson   janineannt@hotmail.com

9/22/2013        NEW ENGLAND AUTUMN FEIS    
New England     http://newenglandautumnfeis.blogspot.com/     neautumnfeis@gmail.com
Pembroke High School, 80 Learning Lane, Pembroke, MA  2359
Chairperson: Theresa Shaffer Wilkinson TCRG & Suzanne Dunleavy McDonough TCRG   theresa@dunleavyshaffer.com
Entry Secretary: Pam Leary   onlypam@juno.com

MidAtlantic     www.hagenirishdance.com     hagenirishdance@optonline.net
Long Beach High School, 322 Lagoon Drive West, Lido Beach, NY  11561
Chairperson: Diana Umhafer/Tara Pyle   hagenirishdance@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: FeisWeb   jim@feisweb.com

9/22/2013        SYRACUSE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.johnstonirishdance.com     www.syracusefeis.com
Drivers Village, 5885 East Circle Drive, Cicero, NY  13039
Chairperson: Gus Johnston   abphalen@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Cathy Mulholland   

9/28/2013        MINNESOTA FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.theminnesotafeis.org     theminnesotafeis@gmail.com
The Saint Paul RiverCentre, 175 Kellogg Blvd, Saint Paul, MN  55102
Chairperson: Mary M. Thomas   theminnesotafeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Mary M. Thomas   theminnesotafeis@gmail.com

9/28/2013        ST. LOUIS FALL FEIS    
MidAmerica     stlouisfallfeis.com     stlfallfeis@gmail.com
Hilton St.  Louis Airport, 10330 Natural Bridge Rd., St. Louis, MO  63134
Chairperson: Maureen Llewellyn   stlfallfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Cindy Kinney   stlfallfeis@gmail.com

9/29/2013        PETRI SCHOOL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.petrischool.com     petrifeis@yahoo.com
Carle Place High School, 168 Cherry Lane, Carle Place, NY  11514
Chairperson: Carl Petri   petrifeis@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Wendy Svitek - Colleen Irwin   petrifeis@yahoo.com

10/4/2013-10/5/2013        OKTOBER FEIS    
Western US     www.learnirishdance.com     martinpercival@msn.com
Double Tree Denver Tech Center, 7801 East Orchard Road, Greenwood Village, CO  80111
Chairperson: Martin Percival   martinpercival@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Meghan Ahlstrand   mmahlstrand@hotmail.com

10/5/2013-10/6/2013        PITTSBURGH FEIS    
MidAmerica     irishcentrepgh.org     kayaks201@verizon.net
Hyatt Hotel, 1111 Airport Blvd PO Box 12420, Pittsburgh, PA  15231
Chairperson: James Graven   kayaks201@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Yates   yateska@hotmail.com

Eastern Canada     www.newmarketfeis.com     registration@newmarketfeis.com
Seneca College, King Campus, 13990 Dufferin St, King City, ONT  0
Chairperson: Jane Hilborn   jhilborn@xplornet.com
Entry Secretary: Carrie Anderson   cbirtles@rogers.com

10/5/2013-10/6/2013        GREENSBORO CITY FEIS - NEW FEIS    
Southern US     www.walshkelleyschool.com     aine@walshkelleyschool.com
TBD, , Greensboro, NC  
Chairperson: Aine Walsh Kelley   aine@walshkelleyschool.com
Entry Secretary: Aine Walsh Kelley   aine@walshkelleyschool.com

MidAtlantic     www.mcloughlinschool.com     
Rockland Community College, College Road, Suffern, NY  
Chairperson: James Early   earlyfamily3@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Elaine Greenan   CJGEOG@aol.com

10/11/2013-10/13/2013        FEIS AN FHOMHAIR    
Western Canada          
Hyatt Regency Calgary, 700 Centre Street SE, Calgary, AB  0
Chairperson: Joanne McFarland Berg   jmcfberg@shaw.ca
Entry Secretary: Finnuala Irwin   firwin@shaw.ca

10/12/2013-10/13/2013        CHICAGO PAT ROCHE FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.patrochefeis.com     wodprfeis@gmail.com
Donald E Stephens Convention Center, 9301 Bryn Mawr Ave, Rosemont, IL  60018
Chairperson: William D O'Donaghue   wodonaghue@kftrlaw.com
Entry Secretary: Kim Niewiedzial   kimandsteven@comcast.net

10/12/2013-10/13/2013        TORRINGTON FEIS    
New England     www.cooganirishdance.com     feis@cooganirishdance.com
Lewis Mills High School, 24 Lyon Road, Burlington, CT  6013
Chairperson: Brenda Coogan O'Leary & Betsy Arbeiter   feis@cooganirishdance.com
Entry Secretary: Brend Coogan O'Leary   feis@cooganirishdance.com

10/12/2013        GEM CITY FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.celticacademy.com     gemcityfeis@gmail.com
Dayton Airport Expo Center (DAEC), 3900 McCauley Drive, Vandalia, OH  45377
Chairperson: Mary Laffey TCRG & Liz Willis   mary@celticacademy.com
Entry Secretary: Colleen Sollinger   gemcityfeis@gmail.com

10/12/2013        FEIS SAN ANTONIO    
Southern US     inishfreetx.com     reagann@aol.com
San Antonio Airport Hilton, 611 NW Loop 410, San Antonio, TX  78216
Chairperson: Neill Reagan/Stan Slimp   reagann@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   feisworx.com

MidAtlantic     www.ryankilcoyneschool.com     irishdance@ryankilcoyneschool.com
Maple Point Middle School, 2250 Langhorne-Yardley Road, Langhorne, PA  19047
Chairperson: Lisa Galloway Evrard   irishdance@ryankilcoyneschool.com
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Franklin   irishdance@ryankilcoyneschool.com

10/12/2013-10/13/2013        PORTLAND FEIS    
Western US     www.murrayirishdance.com     germurr@mindspring.com
Tualatin High School, 22300 SW Boons Ferry Road, Tualatin, OR  97062
Chairperson: Geraldine Murray TCRG   germurr@mindspring.com
Entry Secretary: Feisworx   info@feisworx.com

10/12/2013        FLORIDA SUNCOAST FEIS    
Southern US     www.irishdancetampa.com     floridasuncoastfeis@gmail.com
Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, 36750 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL  34684
Chairperson: Mr Stephen Scariff   scariffstephen@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Mrs Stephanie Murphy   irishdancetampa@gmail.com

10/13/2013        TAMPA BAY FEIS    
Southern US     www.irishdancetampa.com     floridasuncoastfeis@gmail.com
Innisbrook Resort and Golf Club, 36750 US Highway 19 North, Palm Harbor, FL  34684
Chairperson: Mr Stephen Scariff   scariffstephen@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Mrs Stephanie Murphy   irishdancetampa@gmail.com

10/19/2013-10/20/2013        ****NAFC CONVENTION****    
Marriott Atlanta Airport, ($76/night), Atlanta, GA  
Chairperson: Pat Watkins   pawatkinsnafc@gmail.com
Entry Secretary:    

New England     www.grayschool.com     feis@grayschool.com
Bethel Middle School, 600 Whittlesey Drive, Bethel, CT  6801
Chairperson: Iris Gray Sharnick   iris@grayschool.com
Entry Secretary:    

10/19/2013        YOUNG SCHOOL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.youngschoolirishdance.com     youngschoolfeis@gmail.com
Main Street Armory, 900 East Main Street, Rochester, NY  14605
Chairperson: Sandy Oswald & Rachel Young   youngschoolfeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Peggy Abbamonte   youngschoolfeis@gmail.com

10/19/2013-10/20/2013        PHOENIX FEIS    
Western US     www.phoenixhalloweenfeis.org     azirishdance@yahoo.com
Holiday Inn & Suites, , Mesa, AZ  
Chairperson: Kelle Maher   azirishdance@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Erin Leary   thelearyfamily@yahoo.com

10/19/2013-10/20/2013        EAST BAY FEIS    
Western US     www.eastbayfeisca.com     feischair@aol.com
Oakland Marriott and Convention Center, 1001 Broadway, Oakland, CA  94607
Chairperson: Ann McBride & Eileen McBride Parker   anniemcbr@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Patti McBride   mcbridedancers@aol.com

10/19/2013-10/20/2013        RHYTHM OF IRELAND FEIS    
Southern US     www.roiboosterclub.org     registrar@roiboosterclub.org
The Renaissance Portsmouth Hotel & Waterfront Conference Center, , Portsmouth, VA  
Chairperson: Laurie Wittenburg   samwit@cox.net
Entry Secretary: Emily Land   registrar@roiboosterclub.org

MidAtlantic     theverlinschool.com     verlinschoolfeis@gmail.com
Pearl River High School, 275 East Central Ave, Pearl River, NY  10965
Chairperson: Maureen O'Connor & Jacqueline McKay   
Entry Secretary:    

10/20/2013        MCDONALD SCHOOL FALL FEIS - NEW FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.cnyirishdance.com     info@cnyirishdance.com
J.M. McDonald Sports Complex, 4292 Fairgrounds Drive, Cortland, NY  13045
Chairperson: Amy Markwardt TCRG   info@cnyirishdance.com
Entry Secretary: Karen Frost   karenfrost92@gmail.com

10/25/2013-10/26/2013        RINCE NA HEIREANN CHARLOTTE FEIS    
Southern US     www.rincenaheireann.com     feischair@rincenaheireann.com
Hilton Hotel- Charlotte University Place, 8629 JM Keynes Drive, Charlotte, NC  28262
Chairperson: Joan Marie Belnap   jmbelnap@triad.rr.com
Entry Secretary: Michele Dawe   micdawe@aol.com

Western US     www.irishdanceutah.com     utahstatefeis@gmail.com
Utah State Fairground, 155 North 1000 West, Salt Lake City, UT  84115
Chairperson: Alan Scariff   alanscariff1@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Nissa Allred   utahstatefeis@gmail.com

10/26/2013        NEPONSET VALLEY FEIS    
New England     www.harneyacademy.com     liamthedancer@gmail.com
Walpole High School, 275 Common Street, Walpole, MA  2081
Chairperson: Liam Harney ADCRG   liamthedancer@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Margaret McCarthy   harneyacademy@comcast.net

10/26/2013        ROSELAND FEIS    
Eastern Canada     www.woodgateshamrock.com     roselandfeis.chair@gmail.com
Ancaster Fairgrounds, 630 Trinity Road, Ancaster, ONT  0
Chairperson: Angela Davidson   roselandfeis.chair@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: TBA   roselandfeis.registrar@gmail.com

10/26/2013        HALLOWEEN FEIS    
MidAmerica     http://www.mhgdance.com     garyhealy@earthlink.net
McCook Athletic and Exposition Center, 6750 South Vernon Avenue, McCook, IL  
Chairperson: Mike Mullane & Gary Healy   garyhealy@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Mary Pat Dumke   mullanehealygodleyfeis@sbcglobal.net

10/26/2013-10/27/2013        INIS FADA FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.irishamericansoc.com     inisfadafeis2013@gmail.com
Irish American Center, 297 Willis Ave, Mineola, NY  11501
Chairperson: Rosemarie Byrne & Betty McLoughlin   inisfada2013@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Rosemarie Byrne   inisfadafeis2013@gmail.com

10/27/2013        HARVEST TIME FEIS MA    
New England     www.heaveyquinnirishdance.com     heaveyquinn@gmail.com
Burlington High School, 123 Cambridge Street, Burlington, MA  1803
Chairperson: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com
Entry Secretary: Mary Heavey Quinn   mtheaveydance@aol.com

11/2/2013        FEILE HOUSTON    
Southern US     www.omaoileidigh.net     feilehouston@yahoo.com
Greenspoint Marriott North, 255 N Sam Houston Pkwy East, Houston, TX  77060
Chairperson: Adriane McWeeney   amcweeney@msn.com
Entry Secretary: Anna Kelly   ak316@hotmail.com

11/2/2013        AMERICAN PRIDE FEIS - NEW FEIS    
Southern US          
Embassy Suites, 820 Crescent Centre Drive, Franklin, TN  37067
Chairperson: Denise Cottle   americanpridefeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Shawn Hare   shawnhare@comcast.net

11/2/2013        FEIS CULKIN    
Southern US     www.feisculkin.info     feisculkinreg@gmail.com
Maryland SoccerPlex Discovery Sports Center, 18031 Central Park Circle, Boyds, MD  20841
Chairperson: Ed Parmelee   feisman2000@gmail.com
Entry Secretary:    feisculkinreg@gmail.com

11/2/2013        FINGER LAKES FEIS    
MidAtlantic     http://fingerlakesfeis.butlerdancers.com     info@flf.butlerdancers.com
Holiday Inn Convention Center, 441 Electronics Parkway, Liverpool, NY  13088
Chairperson: Peter Wright   chairperson@flf.butlerdancers.com
Entry Secretary: Jennifer Snyder   secretary@flf.butlerdancers.com

11/2/2013-11/3/2013        COLORADO FALL FEIS    
Western US     www.mcteggart.com     feis@mcteggart.com
The Ranch - Larimer County Fairgrounds, 5280 Arena Circle, Loveland, CO  0
Chairperson: Amy Davis   feis@mcteggart.com
Entry Secretary: Miriam Gueck   feis@mcteggart.com

11/2/2013-11/3/2013        SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA HALLOWEEN FEIS    
Western US          
Westin Hotel Long Beach, , , CA  
Chairperson: Tony Comerford   comerfordschool@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Tony Comerford   

New England     lenihanirishdance.com     lenihanschool@hotmail.com
Stratford High School, Parade Street, Stratford, CT  6497
Chairperson: Patricia Lenihan   
Entry Secretary: Patricia Lenihan   lenihanschool@hotmail.com

11/9/2013        NEW JERSEY STATE FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.davisacademyofirishdance.com     davisacademy_1@juno.com
Clifton High School, 333 Colfax Ave, Clifton, NJ  7011
Chairperson: Mary Treacy   tub4mtt@optonline.net
Entry Secretary: Sharon Crowley   sas6582@aol.com

11/9/2013        CHICAGO AUTUMN FEIS    
MidAmerica     www.chicagoautumnfeis.com     
North Central College, 440 South Brainard, Naperville, IL  60540
Chairperson: Margaret Putman   mmputman@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Dan Caddigan   chicagoautumnfeis@comcast.net

11/9/2013        RIVER VALLEY FEIS    
Southern US     rivervalleyfeis.com     
Fort Smith Convention Center, 55 South 7th, Fort Smith, AR  72901
Chairperson: Susan Taylor   lstaylor@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Judy McCafferty ADCRG   judymccaff@sbcglobal.net

11/9/2013-11/10/2013        HORGAN ACADEMY FALL FEIS    
New England     www.angelfire.com/ct/horganacademy     horganacademy@yahoo.com
St. Vincent's Church - Continental Banquet Rooms, 1006 New Haven Road (Route 63), Naugatuck, CT  6770
Chairperson: Irene Horgan ADCRG   Horganacademy@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Irene Horgan   Horganacademy@yahoo.com

11/9/2013        LOWCOUNTRY FEIS    
Southern US     www.glornadaire.com/lowcountryfeis     glornadaire@gmail.com
, , Charleston, SC  
Chairperson: Brent/Abbey Wood   glornadaire@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Brent Wood   glornadaire@gmail.com

11/10/2013        COYLE SCHOOL FEIS    
MidAtlantic     www.coyleschool.com     entries@coyleschool.com
Sportsplex PA, 1331 Oreilly Drive, Feasterville, PA  
Chairperson: Eileen Coyle Henry & Maura Burke   entries@coyleschool.com
Entry Secretary: Maura Burke   entries@coyleschool.com

11/16/2013        FEIS ATL    
Southern US     www.feisatl.com     nlogue@abraxis.com
Marriott Marquis, 265 Peachtree Street, Atlanta, GA  30303
Chairperson: Nancy Logue   nlogue9999@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Dale Woods   gfmwoods@aol.com

Southern US     http://drakepeachtreecity.com/celticrosefeis/     celticrosefeis@gmail.com
TBA, , Atlanta, GA  
Chairperson: Rowena Ryan-Schultz   celticrosefeis@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Trish White   celticrosefeis@gmail.com

11/30/2013-12/1/2013        DE DANAAN FEIS    
Western Canada     www.dedanaan.ca     de_danaan@shaw.ca
Richmond Olympic Oval, 6111 River Road, Richmond, BC  0
Chairperson: Leslie Wilson TCRG   de_danaan@shaw.ca
Entry Secretary: Tracey Yan   tracey.yan@hotmail.ca

12/7/2013-12/8/2013        CLADDAGH FEILE NA NOLLAIG    
Western US     claddaghdance.com     
Renaissance Esmeralda, 44-400 Indian Wells Lane, Indian Wells, CA  92210
Chairperson: Beth Probert   bethprobert@gmail.com
Entry Secretary: Jim Gilmartin   jim@feisinfo.com

12/8/2013        O'SHEA CHAPLIN CHRISTMAS FEIS    
New England     BostonIrishDance.com     osheachaplin@hotmail.com
Saugus High School, Pierce Memorial Drive, Saugus, MA  
Chairperson: Rita O'Shea   osheachaplin@hotmail.com
Entry Secretary: Lisa Chaplin   osheachaplin@hotmail.com

12/14/2013        FEILE NOLLAIG    
Eastern Canada     www.suefayhealy.com     
Confederation High School, 1645 Woodroffe Ave, Nepean, ONT  0
Chairperson: Francis Healy   sue.jennifersfh@yahoo.com
Entry Secretary: Cheryl Hilborn   feis@suefayhealy.com

12/15/2013        HALEY AND NEVIN SCHOOL'S FEIS    
New England     www.nevindanceacademy.com     mauranevin@aol.com
Lantana's, 43 Scanlon Drive, Randolph, MA  2368
Chairperson: Maureen Haley   brendanhaley@earthlink.net
Entry Secretary: Maura Nevin   mauranevin@aol.com

12/28/2013-12/29/2013        PITTSBURGH WINTER FEIS    
MidAmerica     irishcentrepgh.org     kayaks201@verizon.net
Hyatt Hotel, 1111 Airport Blvd PO Box 12420, Pittsburgh, PA  15231
Chairperson: James Graven   kayaks201@verizon.net
Entry Secretary: Kathleen Yates   yateska@hotmail.com